Users discuss how the Now platform has transformed business operations and improved customer and employee experiences.

ServiceNow recently showcased several customer success stories at its Future of Work event held in Singapore. Over 700 attendees made up of business leaders, executives and CIOs attended a series of breakout sessions with key customers across multiple industries.

The speakers discussed how ServiceNow’s Now Platform has enabled them to digitize workflows across IT, customer, and employee workstreams unlocking productivity for employees and the enterprise.

Kicking off the event, ServiceNow’s newly appointed Managing Director and Area Vice President, Asia, Chia Wee Luen, responsible for spearheading growth across ASEAN and North Asia,shared key insights into the evolving regional landscape andwelcomed the audience of customers, partners and developers to the event.

ServiceNow customers out of Asia such as Hong Kong’s Dah Chong Hong and India-based IT company Virtusa discussed their brands’ transformation journeys highlighting the need for intuitive cloud platforms to drive productivity as well as the need to respond faster to security incidents, vulnerabilities and enterprise risk.

“Asia Pacific is the fastest growing region for ServiceNow as businesses here are highly committed to embracing digital transformation. Our customers realise the importance of providing a seamless experience for both their employees and customers alike in order to remain competitive and attract the best talent”, said Mitch Young, SVP for Asia Pacific and Japan.

Chris Pope, global VP of Innovation discussed how digital workflows are often complex and unwieldy in contrast to the apps people use in their personal lives. “Modern workplaces have not kept pace with evolving technologies and enterprises stand to gain from harnessing new capabilities to transform administrative and repetitive tasks into simple and intuitive experiences.”

User highlights

CLSA: A leading Asian capital markets and investment group headquartered in Hong Kong, CLSA discussed its IT transformation programme. As a business that services global institutional clients, CLSA needed a reliable platform offering scalability and controls to support its extended hours of trading. ServiceNow’s platform provides CLSA with a tool to review service data at a granular level and identify opportunities for improvement.  

Jonathan Davies, Head of Tech Operations at CLSA, said: “ServiceNow has enabled us to peel our extremely complex ‘IT onion’ and allowed us to focus our valuable resources on areas where they are needed most in order to deliver excellent uptime.”

MGM: Macau-based integrated resort operator MGM shared about transforming its IT service management and customer service across its two premium properties. With ServiceNow Connect Support, MGM implemented a chat-based primary support channel that enabled IT service desk agents to handle multiple interactions at once, increasing its efficiency, enabling faster prioritisation and decreasing response times. 

The business subsequently added the ServiceNow Virtual Agent chatbot and extended its use to supporting guest rooms equipped with IoT devices to undertake tasks such as turning on televisions and lights and closing curtains. Virtual Agent also allows housekeepers to choose items from a menu using a standard language and number-focused entry, rather than call-in guest room issues. This eases the load on a back-of-house team that took calls from housekeepers – many of whom were unable to type in English or Chinese and were consequently unable to use chat – and directed them to the IT team.

Alex Ding, Director of IT Technology at MGM, said: “Housekeepers simply click on the affected device in the list such as the TV or air conditioning unit and enter the number of the room. It takes minimal computer skills, and they only have to type numbers. Virtual Agent creates an incident right away, so we respond more quickly and don’t waste the back-office team’s time. We’ve also taken the same approach with other services. For example, staff can unlock their account just by giving Virtual Agent their employee ID and badge number.”

Earlier in September, ServiceNow announced its latest New York platform release. The release includes innovations that integrate natural language understanding into Virtual Agent allowing employees to interact with Virtual Agent by using simple human terms to quickly find answers, order items or get help for common problems – all without having to contact the service desk.