A global provider of power and thermal management solutions will partner JTC to beef up the smart manufacturing movement.

To drive adoption of Industry 4.0 technology in Singapore, government agency JTC Corporation (JTC) have signed a memorandum of understanding for strategic partnership with Delta Electronics International (Singapore).

JTC, the agency responsible for developing industrial infrastructure to support and catalyst the growth of industries and transforming existing enterprises in Singapore, with partner with Delta to set up an Industry 4.0 (I4.0) Solutions and Training Center to support JTC customers, upskill small and medium-sized enterprise partners, and provide advanced automation solutions to tackle challenges in Singapore’s manufacturing industry.

Mr. Ng Lang, Chief Executive Officer of JTC, said: “With more businesses in our estates looking to transform their business through digitalization, we see value in curating a spectrum of partners to help them start, scale and sustain their Industry 4.0 journey and capture new opportunities in the region. Specializing in industrial automation and smart city solutions, Delta can lend their expertise and best practices to support more businesses on their Industry 4.0 transformation.”

As a global smart manufacturing and energy-efficient solutions provider, Delta helps customers implement complete automated systems. For efficient I4.0 operations, Delta’s smart manufacturing solutions and smart machines are rated to enhance production capacity by around 70%, reduce production space by around 35% and increase direct human per capita output value by three to five times.

Mr. Jackie Chang, Vice President, Southeast Asia and India of Delta Electronics, Inc., said, “We focus specifically on execution and address the immediate challenges in connectivity and automation that Singapore’s SMEs face. At the same time, Delta is enhancing advanced automation diagnosis, training and consultation to foster the next generation of talents.”

To help JTC’s customers realize the benefits of adopting I4.0 technology in business operations, Delta will set up a I4.0 Solutions and Training Center to support the following key elements of the JTC-Delta Industry Transformation Initiative (JTC-Delta ITI):

  • I4.0 Connectivity and Digitalization Package: Delta will identify JTC’s customers’ Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) readiness and recommend suitable solutions for the digitalization of the production line. This includes both hardware such as sensors for data collection and Manufacturing Management Platform (MMP) for production, equipment, alarm and quality management for data visualization.
  • Proof of Concept (POC): Delta will work with the enterprises and provide a platform and ecosystem, to come up with POCs to test-bed relevant advanced manufacturing solutions on industry problem statements. Using these POCs, Delta will train and support the enterprises to see through implementation of advanced manufacturing solutions.
  • I4.0 Training Centre: Delta will set up an I4.0 Centre to co-develop and co-deliver training content in leading Advanced Manufacturing technologies and incorporate industry problems as part of training, to achieve strong manpower outcomes including but this is not limited to industry placements, job re-deployment and job expansion.
  • Delta Advanced Automation Cup: Delta will work with JTC customers to provide problem statements to propose and consider as Delta Cup themes. Delta will assist Singapore technical universities to form teams to compete on a global platform and propose solutions to tackle problem statements on advanced manufacturing.

Delta joins JTC’s network of I4.0 Partners to support JTC customers’ transformation journey in the four broad categories: Diagnostic and Advisory, Enabling Technologies, Training and Capability Development and Funding Support and Financing. JTC and Delta will also cooperate to promote and increase awareness of the JTC-Delta ITI, and Delta will join JTC’s I4.0 related events and provide practical training and technical advisory to JTC customers.