Organizations in 2024 facing this problem with explore orchestration tools to restore balance. Four other predictions are also on the cards…

Although the need to implement a digital-first experience has been constant, the ways by which it can be realized varies periodically. In 2024, we believe that organizations would benefit from a unified approach of deploying new tech, focusing on demanding aspects of business such as privacy, large language models, and orchestration.

Here then, are our top five predictions for trends in 2024 that will help organizations root themselves in the bedrock of this new age of work.

    1. Privacy and AI governance will become a top business priority
      With AI being integrated into every aspect of business, fraudulent use of technologies (such as the growing use of deepfakes) threatens privacy and pose significant risks. These technologies should be placed under a keen watch for both public and private use. To ensure ethical, transparent, and fair use of the technology, governments and organizations will collaborate to manage this threat. Also, going forward, privacy will be the core of every business, and protecting it will become the responsibility of every individual in an organization.
    2. Purpose-built LLMs will be favored over general-purpose LLMs
      The narrow applications of AI and the engineering challenges of implementing it call for AI training models (large language models, also known as LLMs) that can cater to all aspects of a business. Enterprise-focused large language models will help both employees and customers alike achieve deep-nested conversations with an organization’s offerings and evolving software infrastructure. By adapting such models, enterprises will in 2024 be able to improve deployment of their vast amount of data to address both their creative and redundant workloads. Such purpose-built LLMs will also empower organizations to protect their data, reduce biases in their data, and provide detailed audit reports to make AI decisions explainable.
    3. Organizations with information siloes will explore orchestration
      One growing phenomenon of digitalization is that firms may fragment their data into organizational silos that hamper the flow of information. In 2024 organizations are likely to overcome the issue of fragmentation by harnessing a concept called ‘orchestration’, which allows for the construction of interconnected digital pipelines that lead to workflow automation and streamlined operations.
    4. ‘Digital-first’ will evolve into ‘secure digital-first’
      In 2024, we believe enterprises will also adopt an identity-centric approach. Going a step further, cloud infrastructure and entitlement management will be implemented to increase granular visibility and minimize threats by providing a comprehensive view of identities and entitlements across diverse cloud environments. Together, such solutions will bolster security and enable a worry-free digital experience for the end users.
    5. Cyber resilience will become a strong business differentiator
      In 2024, we will see organizations invest actively in plans that bring about the tools, solutions, and culture necessary to enhance overall cyber resilience. Subsequently, cyber resilience will emerge as a key business differentiator, enabling organizations with strong cyber resilience to succeed in the complex global market.