Single-Solution Data Protection to Maximize the Microsoft Cloud

Single-Solution Data Protection to Maximize the Microsoft Cloud

Learn how to maximize your Microsoft investment with single-solution data protection.

Organizations standardize new remote workforce models and accelerate cloud adoption, and the center of this transformation is the Microsoft Cloud which drives agility, innovation, and speed.

The Microsoft Cloud redefines how global businesses meet customer and employee needs, from communication and productivity to overall operations, in a highly transformative environment.

But managing cloud data can be challenging because it involves multiple business units handling different SLAs with varying end goals, causing departmental fragmentation and data silos and compliance challenges. 

Effectively harness the power of your Microsoft investment through purpose-built protection, Metallic® from Commvault SaaS Backup, to address the ever-changing nature of cloud modernization, automating data backups, standardizing SLAs for compliance, and recovering data fast.

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