What are the 8 key industry use cases for 5G? Nokia and leading CSPs around the world share their expert perspectives.

By now, the 5G value proposition is well understood: the next generation of wireless technology will allow communications service providers (CSPs) to design and deliver a vast array of high-value services, access new vertical markets and break into the massively lucrative enterprise segment.

Exactly how they do this, and to what degree, will be a matter of individual strategy. No CSP could possibly deliver every type of 5G service: each will have to decide where they want to play along the spectrum of possibilities.

In Fall 2019, Nokia and Omdia surveyed 172 CSPs around the world to better understand their current thinking about 5G and specifically the eight 5G use case categories identified by Nokia Bell Labs. The survey was augmented with qualitative input from interviews with 10 CSPs in different regions.

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