Michael King, VP & GM, Asia Pacific and Japan, Wasabi Technologies

Key considerations include:

    • Data security: Already a region susceptible to cybercrime, ransomware today remains a substantial threat, both in Singapore and globally, as cybersecurity vendors observe a 13% surge in ransomware incidents worldwide in 2022. Neglecting data protection can have severe repercussions for businesses, particularly in today’s environment where attacks are inevitable, and viruses or equipment failures can cause irreversible damage to operations and reputation. Choosing cloud vendors that can provide immutable backups or Multi-User Authentication (MUA), can protect businesses from data loss and facilitate rapid backup deployment following ransomware or accidental modifications.
    • Cost management: Having a clear view on the predicted cloud expenses, to avoid stalled digital initiatives owing to insufficient resources. To that end, prioritizing cloud vendors that offer price predictability and cost transparency will ensure resource utilization and expense control, avoiding budgetary surprises.
    • Sustainability: Businesses’ digital transformation ambitions must consider the environmental impact of the shift to digital. Although cloud adoption is generally less carbon-intensive than on-premise solutions, data centres still contribute up to 5% of global carbon emissions. Opting for cloud vendors that offer carbon tracking capabilities is one way businesses can monitor their carbon footprint effectively. Unsurprisingly, sustainability ranks as the top consideration when selecting a cloud storage provider, particularly in Singapore.