… at your luxury “executive” condominium after Dec 2026

Imagine being able to obtain virtual medical consultations with doctors or specialists through a telehealth kiosk located within your condominium in Singapore. What’s more—any prescription medications will be ready for collection within hours.

The telehealth kiosk is the first of its kind on the island, housed in a luxury government-subsidized (i.e., “executive”) condominium slated to be ready in six years’ time.

The wheelchair-friendly HiDoc kiosk will feature a webcam and a touchscreen. Using this interface, residents can conduct video-enabled consultations with doctors. The machine will have sensors and other medical devices to capture a person’s body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate, amongst other vital signs.

The integrated platform includes a mobile app and a web-based solution. This will facilitate medications or supplements to be ordered from an e-pharmacy and delivered to the condominium. The platform also allows doctors to access patient health records, while patients can consult from a pool of accredited general practitioners (GPs) for general consultations, and specialists for reviews and second opinions. Patients can also arrange for house calls or care-giver services. As residents of this condominium project, the patients will enjoy unlimited GP services, excluding medication and delivery charges, within six months upon receiving the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP).

The innovation service is a partnership between two homegrown Singapore companies—telehealth startup HiDoc, which is backed by Singapore Exchange-listed Singapore Medical Group, and property developer Anchorvale Pte Ltd, which is a joint-venture between homegrown EVIA Real Estate and Gamuda Land, a leading property developer based in Malaysia a joint-venture between homegrown EVIA Real Estate and Gamuda Land, a leading property developer based in Malaysia.

The executive condominium project is a 548-unit located in the north-eastern part of Singapore, Sengkang, that offers Spanish-style living with a slew of community activities such as yoga, aqua Zumba and aqua Taekwondo.

For those interested to test out the telehealth kiosk, it will be showcased to the public when OLÁ opens its show gallery on 15 February.