An unregulated crypto exchange platform is hyper-personalizing customer experiences while India’s new digital trading taxes may pull more customers in

In its drive optimize and accelerate user engagement via seamless omnichannel customer experiences, India’s first crypto exchange Unocoin has adopted a cloud platform designed for increasing customer engagement and retention.

By integrating such a ‘retention cloud’ solution into its user app, the crypto exchange expects to improve its understanding of user behavior and personalize features based on segmentation of the user base around user preferences, demographics, and other parameters. By keeping track of app activity, in-app purchases, and returning users at a more granular level, the firm will be able to personalize customer experiences using real-time behavioral data with precise predictive recommendations, leading to engagement opportunities based on each user’s exact needs.

Additionally, Unocoin will be able to tap into the platform’s AI and ML tools to create hyper-personalized campaigns to engage with its audience across multiple channels at the right time with precise communication.

Said the firm’s Senior Vice President (Marketing), Suhas SK: “As a platform that helps individuals with investments into cryptocurrencies, we need to be cognizant of the exact needs of our users. Understanding a customer’s behavior on our app becomes vital as this helps us provide a tailored experience. Since awareness and understanding of cryptocurrencies at large is at a nascent stage, delivering precise communication becomes all the more important.”

According to Vikrant Chowdhary, Chief Growth Officer, CleverTap, the retention cloud service provider:
“We are delighted to partner with Unocoin in their journey to make investing in cryptocurrency easy for all. Today, hyper-personalization is crucial at every point in a customer’s journey and is a key enabler to growth. We are confident that Unocoin will be able to grow and offer its customers exactly what they need.”

The Indian government has implemented taxation of digital assets, imposing a 30% levy on income earned from transfers of virtual digital assets from 1 April 1 this year, as well as a 1% tax deducted at source, on all virtual digital asset transactions over Rs 10,000 starting 1 July 2022.