The aim is to build resilience, unify the fast-growing diverse operations, and leverage data-driven workflows to stay ahead of their competitors

To support worldwide growth of its virtual learning platform and educational technologies (edutech), a firm specializing in teaching the Chinese language to children aged three to 15 across more than 100 countries and regions has adopted enterprise cloud applications for its finance and human resources functions.

LingoAce, which has also branched into teaching English on its virtual learning platforms in Europe and South-east Asia, already employs multiple technologies in its business. In the course of global expansion, it sees the need for technology to aid in building greater business agility.

According to its founder and CEO Hugh Yao: “As we continue to expand globally, deploying a robust tech infrastructure to support the key areas of our business, including people and finance, will be important to our continued success,” referring streamlining internal workflows and processes and enabling greater operational agility.

Through the deployment of a suite of enterprise cloud applications for financial and human capital management from Workday, LingoAce will be able to standardize six applications across its global offices into one system:

  • With a complete picture of all its applications and processes on a single, unified platform, workflows can be easily streamlined for increased efficiency across various functions in the organization.
  • The firm will also be able to leverage real-time actionable data and insights to make smarter, faster decisions that deliver real business value.
  • Through a greater understanding of its workforce needs and gaps, the firm expects to elevate the employee experience and cultivate a high-performing workforce where employees are equipped to navigate a rapidly-evolving world. 

Said Sandeep Sharma, President of Asia, Workday: “In the post-pandemic digital era, technology remains a key imperative for success, and forward-looking organizations need to ride the digital disruption wave to stay ahead of the competition. With the right technology in place to leverage data-driven finance and HR insights, LingoAce will be able to plan for long-term growth.”