One retrospective survey indicates that omnichannel shopping has led to pressures from online and on-premises retail avenues, and from cybercrime…

In a July/July 2023 survey of over 4,200 shoppers, store associates and retail decision-makers around the world to gauge the opinions and expectations of shopper experience, technology usage and fulfillment, several observations were made from the data.

Close to 80% of respondents in the Asia Pacific region cited being under pressure to improve returns efficiency as their shoppers preferred this.

In response, 74% of APAC respondents were in the process of upgrading their returns management technology in the next three years to meet rising returns.

Other regional findings

    • APAC

      87% of respondents there indicated they needed better inventory management tools to improve accuracy and visibility, compared to 84% globally.

      28% of respondents in APAC preferred pay/checkout anywhere, 74% indicated self-checkouts helped to improve their experience, and 88% indicated that investment in self-checkouts was paying off.

      85% or so of retail decision-making APAC respondents, and 79% of store associates in the region indicated that store shrinkage and theft was a major issue with self-checkouts.

      81% of APAC consumers responding in the survey expected retailers to use the latest technology; 77% indicated it improved their shopping experience

      79% of APAC store associates in the survey felt more valued–and viewed their employer more positively when provided with technology to improve their work

    • Latin America

      64% of respondents there indicated plans to shop in-store, and 71% will shop online more in the coming year — compared to around 50% of respondents planning the same in other regions.

    • Europe

      51% of respondents in the region indicated sustainability was playing an increasing role in their business strategy, compared to 45% of respondents in all other regions of the survey.

    • North America

      77% of respondents in North America indicated accepting returns of online orders was a significant challenge, compared to 81% globally.

According to Christanto Suryadarma, Sales Vice President (Southeast Asia and South Korea), Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific, which commissioned the survey: What’s becoming increasingly apparent is the pivotal role of technology in navigating this competitive landscape. Retailers are realizing the importance of employing technology to smartly manage the surge in demand and ensure a seamless and efficient handling of orders and processes.”