Juniper Networks and UNN partner to significantly enhance end-user experience for Brunei’s expanding telecommunication services as the nation accelerates its digital transformation journey

Brunei has selected Juniper Networks to upgrade its national network infrastructure, as the nation progresses towards a more connected and digitally integrated future.

The refreshed experience-first network from Juniper will bolster efforts by Unified National Networks (UNN), the Single Wholesale Network which holds all telecommunications infrastructure in Brunei, to create a modernized and efficient telecommunication backbone that will support the government’s five-year masterplan for transforming Brunei into a Smart Nation, which was first announced in 2020.

Juniper Networks and UNN partner for Brunei's digital transformation

Home to one of the most connected populations in Asia Pacific with an internet penetration rate of 95%, Brunei, officially known as Brunei Darussalam, is also one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Situated on the north coast of the island of Borneo in South-east Asia, it is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Its government is hard at work to fuel economic growth and enrich the quality of life for its 450,000 residents through digital transformation.

To that end, UNN was formed in 2019, when Brunei consolidated all existing networking infrastructure nationwide in a wholesale company and created retail service providers to fulfill its mission of unifying national networks and to create a modern and cost-effective digital platform that connects the entire country.

With digital transformation being a key strategic imperative of the government as it looks to build a future-ready society and to further fuel economic growth, UNN’s advancement is crucial to Brunei’s digital and economic success.

To date, the organization has laid over 3,000km of fiber throughout the country, connecting over 93,000 homes and providing cellular service to approximately 90% of Brunei’s populated areas and connecting roads.

Modernized national network

“The potential for Brunei is limitless. As the country moves towards becoming a Smart Nation, it is crucial that we constantly modernize our systems with industry-leading solutions that will help us provide reliable, secure and stable telecommunications services across Brunei,” said Dr Steffen Oehler, CEO, Unified National Networks.

“We are empowering a digital society in Brunei,” he added. “Everything we do, including selecting the right technology, helps the nation’s economy, residents’ personal lives, and the educational sector. Modernizing the network while carrying services is like changing the engines on the plane during flight… We are jumping from the past to the future in a very short time.” 

UNN is operating the only network infrastructure in Brunei; therefore its services must always be accessible, Oehler emphasized.

“We need a modern, reliable, high-capacity network,” he said. UNN chose Juniper networking not only for resiliency, scalability, and advanced capabilities, but also the partnership. “Juniper helped us think about how to efficiently meet growing data volumes and make the migration without disruption.”

Dr Steffen Oehler empowers Brunei's digital transformation
Dr Steffen Oehler, CEO, Unified National Networks

To meet the current and future connectivity needs of both consumers and businesses, UNN tapped on experience-first solutions from Juniper to modernize its core, provider edge and aggregation networks: