Cloud-based AI tools help agents to improve customer service while boosting collaboration.

With a boom in demand for contract logistics, the global vendor of such services has accelerated business expansion while simultaneously increasing agent retention to a record high, with the help of digitalization.

Based in Singapore, DHL Contact Centre Services provides logistics solutions across a range of industries, including service logistics, technology and public agencies. With the COVID-19 pandemic creating increasing demand for fast and cost-effective contact center services in the last 18 months, the number of concurrent agents working with the firm had increased substantially.

Said Jerome Gillet, CEO (Singapore Cluster), DHL Supply Chain: “Retention in the contact center industry had been a challenge for several years. With the support of a comprehensive, cloud-based collaboration tool, and an AI-powered contact center, our retention rate has significantly increased,” noting a 300% improvement due to the adoption of a cloud-based AI-powered contact center platform to help agents manage workloads better.

According to Gillet: “The security and scalability of the product means we can replicate this customer service environment in other markets, enabling contact center agents to log in from anywhere, at any time, and gain access to the communication and collaboration capabilities. In the near future, we will be scaling our contact center offering to Japan, Korea, Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines.”​

Said Stephen Spears, Chief Revenue Officer of Avaya, the provider of the contact center digitalization suit of solutions: “DHL Supply Chain is oiling the wheels of businesses during an essential time, allowing it to meet demands that have only accelerated during and after the pandemic. Cloud-based customer service capabilities, automation and knowledge management are combining to deliver these offerings at a much quicker rate while supporting those charged with providing the service.”