Facing the ubiquitous global problem of inefficient management of increasing levels of incoming data, the provider turned to data lake technology

In serving an extensive healthcare network of nearly 600,000 patients annually, Australian catholic non-for-profit healthcare provider Mater was facing a growing internal problem: increasing amounts of data from its health, education and research ministries, as well as from different systems and clinical facilities, were becoming siloed.

For their five-year digital transformation plan, the organization needed to move their workloads and processes across their healthcare network to a cloud-native environment to build efficiency, scalability and to gain analytics and insights for better care delivery.

According to Mater’s Chief Digital Officer, Alastair Sharman: “We want data to be at the core of our digital plan so as we can deliver value through improved experiences and improved outcomes for the people and communities we serve. In fact, trusted data is even more critical now as demonstrated during recent emergencies and in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to have consistent, trustworthy data helps our people including frontline workers, students and researchers.”

To increase its leverage of cloud capabilities and to modernize data management and data governance capabilities, the firm partnered with Informatica to utilize cloud data warehouse and data lake technology as a service. This empowers the organization’s business users to access critical reference data such as diagnosis, medication codes and cost codes from a trusted ‘single source of truth’, while democratizing data across the enterprise to drive trusted analytics and accurate insights.

Said Richard Scott, Vice President and Managing Director, Informatica Australia & New Zealand: “We are proud to be an integral partner of Mater’s data-driven transformation journey, supporting the customer’s vision of performing their proactive and innovative role in serving the community with a world-class healthcare service.”