Dentons Rodyk, Singapore’s oldest legal practice and one of its largest law firms, had entrusted Lenovo to upgrade its existing hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).

Dentons Rodyk deals with highly sensitive data, where swift access to accurate legal advice is imperative. 

Recognizing the need for its critical underlying systems to operate reliably and efficiently, particularly in the context of the document management system and its integration with other core business systems, the company implemented the Lenovo Think Agile HX Series solution and ThinkAgile HX5521 Certified Nodes.

The adoption of Lenovo and Nutanix HCI has empowered Dentons Rodyk to enhance efficiency and productivity in the following ways:

    • Achieving a 200% performance increase by accelerating access to crucial documentation
    • Eliminating delays or interruptions in the retrieval of key information
    • Leveraging full-flash storage, enabling lawyers to swiftly preview documents, and reducing IT administration

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