By early 2024, data analytics and predictive matching algorithms will be improving the platform’s user experience and job matching functions.

A South-east Asian online jobs platform has announced AI-powered features to improve job matching, user experiences and provide deeper employment insights to both jobseekers and employers in Singapore.

Jobstreet, which operates in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, in addition to its parent company SEEK’s other businesses, has put in place AI models to assess talent suitability; shortlist applications; and provide personalized recommendations by processing data from various sources, including jobseeker resumes, job ad descriptions, and employers’ previous hiring patterns and experiences.

For example, certain users will now be shown a ‘Top Applicant’ badge if they are a strong potential candidate for certain job opening, which may increase the chance of them applying for the role. This also benefits employers that would receive a more qualified and relevant list of applications for the job vacancies that they publish.

Other AI-driven features

Employers will be able to include AI-recommended screening questions when crafting their advertisements and job screenings, to improve identification of the most suitable talent based on the latter groups’ responses. Also:

    • A feature called the ‘predictive approachability’ signal can be used to assist in matching talent with potential employers more effectively. Through predictive analytics, the feature can identify anticipate jobseekers that may be approachable to discuss a new job opportunity, even before the vacancy has been advertised. Whether or not a talent is marked as ‘approachable’ to employers depends on a range of factors.
    • Singaporean jobseekers can now decide on their profile visibility on the new platform, to signal to employers that they are open to job opportunities even if they are not actively applying for jobs. This makes it easier for employers to proactively contact talent with opportunities, if applicable.
    • The AI enhancements are based on 25 years of APAC-wide data and optimized for the Singapore market, and will be completed by early 2024. By that time Singaporean jobseekers and employers will have access to more job opportunities and a larger talent pool across SEEK’s other businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

According to Jobstreet’s managing director, Chew Siew Mee: “We are excited to facilitate seamless connections between jobseekers and employers, anticipating the opportunity to match them based on specific skills, job roles, and career aspirations effortlessly.”