The Japanese holding group is banking on external help to streamline and detect errors in system design plans and audit processes.

Notwithstanding controversies surround its potential for human abuse, Generative AI offers enormous potential to transform the ways people will work, and with rigorous testing, it may soon be used by corporations to optimize various work processes and tasks.

According to Gartner resources, use cases of generative AI are emerging quickly in creative content, content improvement, synthetic data, generative engineering and generative design. Other areas include software coding, analysis and improvement of written content; and deriving “real, in-context value from vast stores of content” that have yet to be exploited.

One firm that is pursuing these traits to improve the quality and resilience of its systems during the development and maintenance phases is Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. (Mizuho).

Between 19 June 2023 and 31 March 2024, the bank holding firm will be piloting Fujitsu‘s generative AI solutions to streamline development and maintenance operations in its systems. Within their joint trials, Fujitsu and Mizuho will be verifying the effectiveness of generative AI solutions in automatically detecting errors and omissions in system design plans and audit processes.

Furthermore, the two parties plan to develop a technique to automatically generate test specifications from system design plans that have been improved with AI technology. To strengthen work process resilience, Fujitsu and Mizuho further plan to apply generative AI technologies to work processes and tasks including the generation of source code; and in various areas of development and maintenance operations.

In parallel with its AI research, Fujitsu, in cooperation with three entities listed below, will be using its supercomputer Fugaku for the distributed training of Large Language Models (the neural networks with hundreds of millions to billions of parameters that have been pre-learned using large amounts of data) for application to various use cases in the industrial world. The plan is to apply the discoveries to Mizuho’s system for continual improvements of the latter firm’s operations in 2024.

  1. Tokyo Institute of Technology
  2. Tohoku University
  3. RIKEN