SHENZHEN, China, June 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Taoping Inc. (NASDAQ: TAOP, the “Company” or “Taoping”), today announced the launch of the Company’s AI-aided innovative new, rapid, off-grid wastewater treatment solutions designed to bring “Clean Water for a Cleaner World“. The lower cost, portable wastewater treatment solutions represent a watershed moment in the global effort for a cleaner environment, and will be integrated with Taoping’s intelligent operation and maintenance system aided by the Company’s powerful new Cloud Nest AI system and intelligent Cloud platform to significantly increase operations and cost efficiencies of maintenance management.

Underserved rural markets will be a top priority for Taoping’s new off-grid wastewater treatment solutions. The market size for wastewater treatment for the rural areas of China is estimated to be approximately RMB 300 billion in 2023, with a CAGR of 10% over the next 5 years. (source: Zhongtou Consultant)

The off-grid wastewater treatment solutions market refers to the market for wastewater treatment systems that operate without being connected to the grid. These systems are typically used in remote or rural areas where traditional wastewater treatment infrastructure is not available. The off-grid wastewater treatment solutions market is expected to grow in the coming years, driven by increasing demand from developing countries and remote areas.

Mr. Lin Jianghuai, Chairman and CEO of Taoping, said: “There is growing demand for off-grid wastewater treatment solutions due to several factors, including increasing population growth, urbanization, and environmental concerns. Additionally, the cost of traditional wastewater treatment infrastructure can be prohibitively expensive in remote areas, making off-grid solutions an attractive alternative. Taoping’s purpose built wastewater treatment solutions provide a portable, on-site solution with lower upfront and maintenance costs, that leverages the advantages of traditional solutions, while offering highly compelling performance, Cloud-based monitoring, maintenance and cost advantages. More importantly, the Company’s intelligent operation and maintenance system aided by Taoping’s powerful new Cloud Nest AI system and intelligent Cloud platform can increase operations and cost efficiencies of maintenance management, truly realizing the automatic operation of sewage treatment facilities in low- and medium-density urban and rural residential areas, which we expect will make this a preferred choice that is more attractive to the market.”

Mr. Lin continued: “We are very excited about the long-term opportunities for Taoping’s wastewater treatment solutions. We are committed to helping customers and communities create a more sustainable future with Clean Water for a Cleaner World. We are taking a cyclical approach to managing wastewater that emphasizes the effectiveness of our innovative new wastewater treatment solutions, as we reinforce our commitment to both environmental sustainability and efficient wastewater management. We will continue to promote the deep integration of AI technology and sewage treatment products to build a new wastewater environment management integration platform with low cost, hassle free construction, intelligent operation and maintenance, convenient operation, and reduced cost of clear ownership to form valuable brand assets and drive the Company’s revenue growth.”

Off-grid wastewater treatment refers to the method of onsite wastewater treatment in the smallest unit of wastewater source as far as possible in the middle and low population density residential areas. For example, in individual farmers, B&Bs, villas, public toilets, schools, hospitals, hotels, residential communities, parks, urban villages, temporary construction sites, islands and other sources of domestic wastewater treatment after discharge or reuse standards. Taopping’s off-grid wastewater treatment solutions are able to treat wastewater from a single source or multiple sources.

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