Make sure your team has the requisite female representation, and the top prize of US$30,000 (plus other frills) could be yours.

According to the United Nations, the world must reach carbon neutrality by 2050. The planet has already warmed up by 1.1 degrees Celsius since the 19th century. When that number exceeds 1.5 degrees, there may be irreversible consequences.

One technology firm is doing its part now to spur innovation by students of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines towards achieving carbon neutrality in time.

This year, test and measurement equipment provider Keysight is helping to inspire the next generation of female engineers by organizing an international competition where STEM students form teams of up to six members, with equal or more female students compared to male students on each team, and with a female team lead.

The firm is encouraging greater female representation in STEM careers around the world because women go on to populate only 21% of engineering majors in college and make up only 28% of the STEM workforce.

Contest details
The Keysight Innovation Challenge 2022 involves participating students in a race to create and secure devices powered by IoT that address carbon neutrality monitoring in corporate or community environments.

Individuals and teams will compete to win up to US$30,000 in cash, US$10,000 worth of design testing and validation equipment for their school, and informational interviews for potential internships and job opportunities.

The contest is open for registration between 4 April, 2022 and 6 June 6, 2022. The top five entries will be announced in June, with the associated teams each receiving a US$2,500 stipend to develop their innovations. The shortlisted teams will then go on to compete with their innovations at a final event in September 2022, during which the top three winning teams will be unveiled.

Said Ee Huei Sin, the firm’s Senior Vice President and President of the Electronic Industrial Solutions Group: “With the Keysight Innovation Challenge 2022, we’re shining a spotlight on female engineering students, alongside their male peers, and offering them the opportunity to share their big ideas with the world. These students will innovate to directly improve the lives of women—and the lives of everyone—while helping to rebalance our planet with improved sustainability measures and gender equality.”