Third-party head hunting firms now offer next-generation analytics to reduce shortlisting and job-interview hassles while improving automation and candidate success.

Ever heard of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)? The term does not imply any digitalization but connotes the straight-forward outsourcing of head hunting.

However, RPO can be enhanced by artificial intelligence, and firms offering this service may differentiate themselves through patented algorithms targeted at specific types of recruitment processes.

For example, AI can be used to swiftly pre-screen candidates accurately and at scale. Interview scheduling can be automated and executed with Voice over IP and other digital productivity tools.

Next, certain proprietary AI predictive and cognitive algorithms can result in improved selection of talent for the client organization, thereby reducing ‘rote functionalities and manual functions’ normally requiring human intervention.

One global recruitment company and talent search specialist, Antal International, has adopted RPO for enhanced lead generation and to reduce shortlist time by at least 50%. The X0PA AI platform provides end-to-end RPO management, from lead generation to invoicing, and has already brought about tangible benefits for Antal’s recruitment team, such as a 35% decrease in time-to-hire, 40% decrease in time for acquiring new leads, and a 50% decrease in time to shortlist candidates.

Additionally, AI-powered dashboards and reports offering a 360-degree view of all tasks is expected to catalyze Antal’s decision-making processes and improve the firm’s recruiters’ and consultants’ user experiences.

According to Joseph Devasia, Managing Director, Antal International Network, India: “We had to move away from our previous Customer Relationship Management system as it was bulky, slow loading, low on intelligence gathering and quite manual. The new RPO platform overcame all these and we now have a solution that is working for us behind the scenes while the team is busy on their desks. X0PA’s intelligent integrations, browser extensions and dashboards have made life a breeze for my team.”