Truly contactless check-in/out and wider payment options online and offline at its amenities will improve guest experiences.

In order to deliver a holistic and frictionless hospitality experience within and beyond its property premises, one hotel in Singapore has adopted a new payment platform.

Raffles Hotel Singapore aims to be at the forefront of technology adoption with its latest offering of seamless and hassle-free payment experiences to its guests.

Through the new platform, the hotel powers its unified commerce offering, providing simpler, faster and more customer-centric payment experiences across all sales channel touchpoints, from online to offline, including suite reservations, dining in its restaurants and bars as well as at Raffles Spa and Raffles Boutique.

Said its Hotel Manager Chadi Chemaly:“Delivering bespoke and sincere service is always at the core of the (Raffles experience) that guests have come to love and appreciate. We believe that the guest journey needs to be seamless from the start to the end, and payment processes are key to achieving this.”

In choosing this technology, the hotel found one platform that stood out as a preferred strategic partner. “Collaborating with Adyen has successfully allowed us to deliver a promise that is secure and contactless while enhancing our offerings as a lifestyle destination where guests can stay, dine, shop, celebrate and relax as they create treasured memories, without interruptions,” continued Chemaly.

Truly contactless check-in/out

Through this partnership with Adyen, the hotel will be one of the first in Singapore to offer a truly contactless check-in and check-out with tokenized payments.

With the implementation, the front desk can now securely capture a guest’s card details, encrypt the data, and replace it with a secure token ensuring faster hassle-free checkout experiences later. Prior to its reopening in August 2019, the hotel was already planning to implement contactless check-in/check-out.  

Contactless check-in/check-out means guests can register and check-in prior to arrival, and check-out via the web, on their mobile devices using a QR code, through a phone call, or via a mobile payment terminal brought to their room.

The ability for guests to check-out and pay securely via a phone call is a first-of-its-kind offering for the hotel and provides a new channel touchpoint with hotel guests. Prior to leaving the property, without needing to visit the front desk or make payments, hotel guests will receive the option to check-out via a phone call, through which they can go through payment-related processes, ultimately minimizing face-to-face interactions for payment matters.

To date, the hotel has seen a 90% take-up rate for this check-out option.

Other payment flexibilities

Raffles Hotel Singapore will now be able to offer hotel guests and customers more payment options: all major credit cards, as well as Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, UnionPay and WeChat Pay.     

In addition, simpler, faster and more customer-centric payment experiences can be found in: 

  • In-hotel restaurants: These eateries will have the ability to offer more local payment options, including via WeChat Pay and Alipay, as well as offer contactless in-restaurant payment options at the table through mobile point-of-sales terminals.
  • Raffles Spa & Raffles Boutique: These services can now offer tap-and-go alternatives across more payment options (via card and mobile wallets). This shortens queues in-store as the terminal response times have increased, and staff can also take payment terminals to customers around the shop.
  • E-commerce platforms: With the rise of payment methods available and increased use of digital options, the hotel can now use the new payment platform to extend its sales channels online for retail as well as food-and-beverage offerings. Additionally, online sales options will also be made available for special occasions such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Diwali, Christmas and the Lunar New Year.

Said Warren Hayashi, President (Asia Pacific), Adyen: “With our rich data and advanced technological capabilities, we are committed to providing the right insights to hotel partners, so they can drive smarter engagement, while focusing on the softer touches, as part of their recovery strategy.”