Singapore-based developer partners with industrial computer provider iEi to bring the Halza app to Taiwanese consumers and medical tourists.

A mobile app that organizes all the medical records of family members – this useful tool will soon reach Taiwan mobile users, due to a partnership between Singapore-based Halza Pte Ltd and industrial computer provider, iEi Integration Corp, Taiwan. 

The digital healthcare app, also named Halza, is already available on Google Play and the App Store, and will be showcased to the public and to healthcare officials in Taiwan during Healthcare Expo from December 5-8, Nangang Exhibition center in Taipei.

In a typical use-case, Emily, a young professional mother of two, is responsible for everyone in her family, including her spouse and parents. Tired after a full day of work with her international clients, she uses Halza to keep tabs on her pre-diabetes condition. With the app, Emily is better informed and so are the family doctor, dentist, pediatrician, cardiologist, gynecologist and endocrinologist that she visits.

Similarly, Emily uses Halza to organize the medical records of all her family members. It is designed for intuitive use on the go, 24/7, and Emily can switch between her own account, her children’s, her partner’s and her parents’. All medical records are securely stored on Microsoft AZURE and the app is available in 26 languages.

On a wider scale, the app helps people take a stake in managing and monitoring their healthcare needs. The app also benefits medical tourists.