Businesses looking to glean actionable payments and e-commerce insights can access the 2020 edition, free for 30 days.

While e-commerce goes more global, payments are increasingly local. Like all aspects of culture, payment preferences vary widely from country-to-country.

According to Edgar, Dunn & Company, each country has hundreds of local payment methods that comprise over 75% of global e-commerce transactions. Each market has preferred payment methods which, if offered to customers, can result in improved sales and conversion rates for merchants.

According to Simon Black, CEO of payment service company PPRO, navigating the complexities and nuances of different markets, consumer payment preferences, and local payment methods can be a major challenge for payment service providers and merchants. He said this as PPRO launched its 2020 Payment Almanac.

According to PPRO, this third edition of its almanac is the result of thousands of hours of research, analysis, and insights from its payments experts. It contains detailed information for more than 450 local payment methods and the latest e-commerce data from 60 countries around the world. In addition to updated figures, this edition reveals new data, including granular e-commerce growth rates and the top industries for cross-border shopping.

“PPRO provides not only the technology but also the expertise our customers need to be successful across borders. Our Payment Almanac contains the distilled knowledge of our global team of online payment specialists. It is the single most comprehensive piece of local payments expertise in the industry,” said Black. “The almanac is an indispensable reference source for businesses looking to increase their e-commerce offering across the globe.”

 The PPRO Payment Almanac includes:

  • A complete index of more than 450 local payment methods
  • E-commerce growth rates for 60 major markets around the world
  • Cross-border shopping behavior insights, including top industries and the countries that each market likes to shop from
  • Internet and smartphone penetration rates
  • Payment method breakdowns by region and country

Readers interested to explore the almanac can obtain 30 days of free access to the online version, but otherwise it is meant for the exclusive use of PPRO partners.