The milestone is just one of many ambitious targets that the non-profit organization intends to achieve in the near future.

During last year’s Cyber Workforce and Education Summit at the White House in the USA, the non-profit organization (ISC)² (initially named the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, Inc.) pledged to implement meaningful solutions to decrease the cybersecurity global workforce gap of 3.4m professionals and attract new individuals from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented groups into the cybersecurity profession.

Since then, as part of its commitment to help close the workforce gap, (ISC)² has been working across the industry and around the world to help individuals build the specific skills they need to gain a first job; open doors to job opportunities; and create inclusive and diverse environments in which new professionals can thrive and experience long rewarding careers.

As of 3 Aug 2023, the organization has announced it has reached a significant milestone in its One Million Certified in Cybersecurity workforce development pledge. Chalking up over 265,000 enrolments and more than 27,000 individuals achieving the organization’s entry-level Certified in Cybersecurity certification in under 10 months, the (ISC)2’s commitment to building a robust and skilled cybersecurity workforce pipeline for the future is paying off.

In the area of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the cybersecurity field, the (ISC)2’s successful inaugural 2023 Global DEI Summit also demonstrated various collaborations and initiatives to break down barriers and foster a more inclusive cyber workforce. The premise of DEI in cyber workforces is that organizations prioritizing recruitment and training of entry-level personnel, regardless of their technical experience and background, can reap significant benefits and enable new talent to embark on successful cybersecurity careers.

Reaching this milestone highlights the importance of creating new and diverse pathways into the profession. And, we’ve only just begun. Within 10 months, (ISC)² already has gained tremendous momentum, and we are more committed than ever to bridging the global workforce gap and empowering more professionals to pursue rewarding careers in cybersecurity.

Clar Rosso, Chief Executive Officer, (ISC)²

Clar Rosso

Chief Executive Officer, (ISC)²