These four firms chose a progressive approach to digital transformation and business resilience: can you guess their common technology enabler?

What business IT strategy does a disparate group of businesses in APAC such as Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC), Petrosea, ST Logistics, and Visa share in common?

Clue — here is a rundown of recent business innovations in this list of regional enterprises:

MPIC became the first business in the Philippines to implement add-on business analytics and transformation services to streamline its operations  and consolidate its current ERP system. 

ST Logistics chose a similar enterprise resource planning (ERP) enhancement solution and also added other advanced ERP solutions such as human capital management and a business technology AI/Analytics/App development/automation platform to power its three-year digital transformation plan, drive  operational excellence, and accelerate sustainable growth. 

Visa recently streamlined and simplified B2B payments for enterprises of all sizes by embedding payments into a business technology platform to help businesses route commercial payments to suppliers, regardless of whether card payments are accepted.

PT Petrosea underwent continual digital transformation driven a 3-Ds strategy of digitalization, diversification and decarbonization to pursue better and more sustainable performance using the same ERP applications and add-ons as the other firms in the list. This has helped bring in connectivity, insights and impacts to support the firm’s sustainability aspirations.

Did you guess the answer?

With a common ERP driving their planning and operations, the firms about have been adopting  additional digitalization and data science/management applications provided by their ERP vendor, SAP.

These large and complex firms have chosen to add integrated solutions such as green ledger carbon accounting and Business AI into their ERP, and gone on to future-proof their business, and achieve greater inclusion and sustainability. 

As AI continues on a relentless trajectory to address previously unsolvable or complex business and regulatory objectives, firms such as these have been open to new technology implementations that are integrated into their core IT and management infrastructures — because their ERP vendor has also continually expanded offerings and partnerships to keep ahead of the cloud computing, AI and regulatory landscapes.