Digitalizing the food supply chain for sustainable food production in ASEAN.

According to the World Economic Forum, four in five consumers in ASEAN have shared that they value environmental sustainability and have made eco-friendly lifestyle changes. The rise in “conscious consumerism’ bodes well for businesses as they can capitalize on this exploding trend to help consumers reduce food waste and address this issue in their supply chain.

As enterprises look to deploy the latest technology that will enable them to capitalize on data, analytics and IoT, the food industry has immense opportunity to collaborate and innovate for more sustainable food production in ASEAN, with resilient solutions that will optimize food production, demand and supply – and ultimately minimize the cost of waste.

For a glimpse of what tomorrow’s digital food ecosystem – including F&B, agriculture, logistics and retail – and what the digital food supply chain with visibility, resiliency and sustainable growth will look like, check out this infographic.

Check it here.