There were simply too many manual processes in the handling of the all-important policy documents. Intelligent automation to the rescue…

To modernize its client communication strategy and to enable rapid delivery of information to its customers, a property and casualty insurance insurer in Vietnam has embraced end to-end digital work processes to reduce manual paperwork.

In providing insurance and risk management services to enterprises across the region, Tokio Marine Insurance Vietnam (TMIV) needed a solution that would streamline and accelerate document workflows continually to stay true to its values of promoting “Japan Quality” to customers.

According to firm’s General Director, Hideki Maeomote: “One of the most important pieces of client communication for us is the policy document. Previously, we relied on manual processes to design, edit, and personalize these documents. This approach was so time-consuming, increased production costs, and resulted in long wait periods for customers.”

Therefore, to eliminate these hurdles to offering good customer experience, TMIV engaged a technology firm to accelerate the creation of policy documents by 40%, helping the company to process growing volumes of client requests. Manual processes were replaced with streamlined digital authoring and editing tools, cutting production costs and improving customer satisfaction as clients now receive their policy information faster.

The modernization solution also helped the firm to maintain business-as-usual as more employees were working from home and were unable to mail out paper copies. With the new ease in creating digital PDFs, the firm was able to ensure clients continued to receive key insurance documents amid the pandemic.

Looking ahead, the firm is keen to integrate e-signature tools into the system to allow clients to check and approve PDF versions of their policy documents more conveniently.

Said James McGourlay, Executive Vice President, International Sales, OpenText, the firm engaged to provide the digitization and automation consultancy: “TMIV is transforming standard client communication processes to provide highly effective and efficient client experiences. Helping (our) customers approach new business opportunities by modernizing their workflows is paramount in creating customer value.”