While cakes and flowers top the list of most popular gifts, some surprising Mother’s Day shopper insights may be in store from this survey…

GrabAds, the advertising unit of Southeast Asian superapp Grab, recently conducted a survey with consumers in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines to find how they are planning to celebrate their mums for the coming Mother’s Day in May.

By analyzing the survey findings alongside past GrabFood and GrabMart transaction trends for the Mother’s Day period over the past year, this has revealed surprising tidbits that could be useful in helping brands and consumers meet their needs for a great Mother’s Day celebration.

With a rising trend of sending gifts via Grab deliveries rather than gifting in person, 67% of surveyed consumers plan to buy Mother’s Day gifts this year, with an overwhelming majority (78%) intending to purchase their gifts via apps like Grab this time round.

Consumers in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines are more willing to spend more on Mother’s Day, forking out an average of +30% more per order on GrabFood and +10% more per order on GrabMart for the occasion.

While cakes and flowers top the list as the most popular Mother’s Day gifts, herbs and beer emerged as unexpected favourites for Singapore consumers, with a surge in demand by 2X and 1.3X respectively. In Malaysia, meat-based ingredients were surprisingly popular on Mother’s Day with a 1.6X surge in orders via GrabMart last year, while in the Philippines, international cuisine, pizza and pork-based dishes experienced a 2X, 2X and 1.5X increase in demand respectively.

Check out the infographic for the key findings. 

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