Agri-food suppliers in South-east Asia now have a direct, trusted link to agri-producers and food innovation researchers in Western Australia. 

In a move to address food supply sustainability and traceability challenges, a US-based consumer loyalty and marketing platform has entered into a digital collaboration with a Singapore firm specializing in exporting premium agri-food products from Western Australia to the Asia Pacific region.

With this collaboration, the 1.6m members of US-listed Society Pass Incorporated—especially those in Vietnam and the Philippines—will have direct access to agri-food products from producers in Western Australia via Singapore-based The GrowHub Innovations Company’s own e-commerce platform.

In addition, the collaboration offers a secured food traceability blockchain that authenticates the source of the products traded, to boost trust and confidence in the food supply.

Meanwhile, The GrowHub manages an innovation centre in the Western Australian Food Innovation Precinct that serves as an accelerator platform for innovative start-up companies across Australia, Japan, and South-east Asia. Top universities and research partners work there to develop marketable technologies and offer a testbed for producers to secure feedback from end-consumers.

According to Dennis Nguyen, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Society Pass: “This partnership with The GrowHub allows us to expand our food and beverage product offerings and provide customers with an attractive option when they are searching for high quality food products whilst ensuring our loyalty platform simultaneously maintains their affordability and accessibility.”

Currently, The GrowHub holds exclusive agreements with premium producers in Western Australia to distribute their products in the South-east Asian market for more than 40 unique products. Additionally, The GrowHub is also producing its own brand name products for export to South-east Asia.

Said the firm’s CEO and founder, Lester Chan: “As consumers in South-east Asia are increasingly looking for environmental-friendly and sustainable food source options, we can ascertain this with our blockchain e-commerce platform and allow them to shop with confidence.”