When its many small-business and startup customers see the versatility of cloud apps, they may want to digitalize their own operations

A Hong Kong financial accounting and consultancy firm specializing in serving entrepreneurs, start-ups, fast-growing technology companies and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is using digital transformation technologies to help them cope with the current difficult global economic landscape.

The firm, which understands the common business issues encountered by the SMEs and their increasing susceptibility to negative economic developments, helps clients enter financial data as part of its regular accounting outsourcing service. Not stopping there, the firm then interprets and analyzes the data and offers useful insights to clients, to facilitate their awareness of the benefits of digitalization and cloud computing to improve their business resilience.

With this approach, the FastLane Group offers the following gateways to digital workflows:

  • Users can digitally store, access, deliver and process data across several linked devices. This enables them to share information and resources anywhere and on any device. It has been utilized by small firms to scale their business without spending a significant amount of investment in their IT infrastructure.
  • FastLane’s partnership with a cloud-based infrastructure provides clients with scalability in terms of number of allowed users, and offers numerous other apps in the ecosystem—such as bills data capture and expense claims solutions—to provide clients with an end-to-end cloud solution and help people to kick start their own move towards digital transformation easily.
  • From basic bookkeeping to efficient online invoicing and detailed financial reporting, all financial aspects of running a business can be completed online through the firm’s ecosystem, allowing greater business flexibility and easier audit compliance.

The cloud-based digital ecosystem, sourced from Xero, is especially useful for businesses that utilize the services of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accounts, such as FastLane, a partner of nine years.