Technical skillsets and those addressing ESG regulatory compliance were also popular in 2022

In a recently-released report on the state of digital learning and the most in-demand skills and competencies for the future of work, one educational technology firm has analyzed its customer experiences and reported a 37% year-over-year (YoY) increase in total time spent upskilling.

The firm also noted a 32% YoY increase in time spent by its learners to upskill their leadership, business, and power skills. In analyzing the total leadership and business-course completions over the past year, Skillsoft noted that the top five skills that its customer base wanted were: written communication, unconscious bias, virtual work in the new normal, working remotely, and communication essentials, respectively.

As organizations and learners prioritized leadership capabilities within work environments transformed since the pandemic, the firm has seen the greatest overall number of learners completing courses for first-time managers and those involving leadership development.

Other customer statistics reported include:

    • A 39% YoY increase in time spent expanding technical skillsets, including those for cloud computing, cybersecurity, AI & ML, and infrastructure and systems, respectively. Python programming courses in the firm were the most-searched-for by people over the past year, followed by Java, SQL, JavaScript, and HTML, respectively, including the top five subjects of web development, data science, machine learning, computer science, and data analytics, respectively.
    • A 27% YoY increase in time spent by learners in the customer base on compliance training, with 60% of the top 10 trending compliance courses revolving around physical workplace and personal safety. The top overall trending compliance course was active shooter safety training.
    • An uptick in interest in corporate social responsibility and Environmental, Social and corporate Governance training by both employers and employees.

According to the firm’s CEO Jeffrey R. Tarr: “Everyone today is craving growth. Employees want more enriching and rewarding careers, while organizations want a sustainable, future-fit workforce. A social compact has emerged, creating a skilling revolution underpinned by learning,” adding that employers, their workforce and their communities all need to learn and grow together in the wake of the global pandemic.