Merchants on the platform can look forward to faster payments, better data-driven decision making, and unified control of their smart-commerce operations

In its continual move to tap digital data to create value-added services to its platform, a smart commerce enabler firm has expanded its offerings for e-commerce, social commerce, and point-of-sale (POS) for its merchants outside of China.

To do so, the firm, SHOPLINE, has partnered with an existing vendor providing payment processing for its Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong operations to launch a one-stop service offering global and local payment options for its South-east Asia merchants.

The service—SHOPLINE Payments—allows merchants on the platform to expand quickly, manage risk, track results and gather rich customer insights across all touchpoints—through a single dashboard. SHOPLINE itself will be able to use the expanded features to tap into operational efficiencies. For instance, the firm will be able to onboard new users seamlessly with automated Know Your Customer checks, saving much time and resources. The system also ensures merchants receive revenue funds quicker—by up to an average of two days compared to previously—and more reliably.

Besides operational gains and faster settlements, the expanded partnership also offer users the ability to harness valuable shopper insights, and includes the provision of POS terminals that allow merchants to accept in-store payments and consolidate their sales channels and payments on a single platform. With a consolidated view of their shoppers, SHOPLINE merchants can use the insights to guide business decisions.

According to the firm’s Head of Marketing (Singapore), Amadea Choo: “With Adyen’s integration across regions, we’re able to scale in markets where our merchants need us to be, as they develop their franchises and sell globally using our platform. In owning the payments experience from end to end, we can help our users sign up, sell, and get paid better. As a result, we improved our operation efficiency by reducing time spent onboarding users and expanded on the end consumer experience with multi-channel options, a wider range of payment methods, and more competitive pricing.”

Said Priyanka Gargav, Head of Commercial (Southeast Asia & Hong Kong), Adyen, the solutions partner:  “We are thrilled to help SHOPLINE streamline payments and provide their merchants with a single view of the end consumers’ preferences. Merchants can now go to market with their products with agility and across multiple sales channels, thus helping them to keep up with consumer demands in the brave new world of retail.”