While its fleet of sea vessels run on gas and oil, its employees need to be empowered to run on data …

How does a shipping firm running physical offices across six countries globally to operate a fleet of 250 vessels undergo digital transformation in its human resources functions?

With over 400 employees on its payroll, Eastern Pacific Shipping (EPS), headquartered in Singapore, wanted to achieve greater efficiencies in both decision-making and reporting through data-driven insights. Other requirements included improving the employee experience, reducing the possibilities for human error and inconsistencies, and accelerating technology-driven growth.

Said the firm’s HR manager, Lynnette Wee: “Amid rapid industry growth and the fact that our employees are distributed across various offices, it is critical that they are equipped with the tools needed to make precise, data-backed decisions in the most efficient way possible. Having operations in different jurisdictions can often prove tricky, as each jurisdiction has unique HR processes that would require more time to navigate.”

With these challenges in mind, EPS management finally selected a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that can help its HR teams align and standardize various HR operational processes, “to enable employees to perform their duties with greater clarity and precision.” 

Now, EPS is able to grant employees more autonomy and convenience when they need to update their personal information, initiate requests, or seek approvals for expense claims. In turn, this reduces the administrative workload of the HR teams, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks. Routine processes such as onboarding new workers and ensuring continuous learning and development in their career with EPS are also now easier to automate and improve.

Later this year, the firm is expected to implement even more digital transformation from its HCM vendor, Workday, by providing managers with real-time visibility and insights of employee needs and trends that can help drive organizational change and growth.

According to Pannie Sia, General Manager (ASEAN), Workday:

“Through the adoption of innovative solutions, organizations like EPS are able to reap greater efficiencies, empower their workforce, and deliver an improved employee experience no matter where they are across the globe. This enables them to optimize the time, talent, and energy of their employees in (a) rapidly changing world.”