SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From September 13 to 15, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will host Try Everything 2023, a grand festival for global startups, where members of the startup ecosystem, including promising startups, large and medium-sized companies, and investors and accelerators from all over the world come together. It will be held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) for three days.

Seoul to hold global startup festival Try Everything 2023 in September, aims to attract 70 billion won investment
Seoul to hold global startup festival Try Everything 2023 in September, aims to attract 70 billion won investment

This year, the focus is on strengthening overseas networks to support Seoul startups in gaining momentum for their global expansion. In particular, considering the concern over the global economic slowdown, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is focusing more on attracting investment at Try Everything than in previous years, with a goal of 70 billion won in investment.

To this end, it will expand the number of exhibition booths to 100, two times more than last year’s 50, and implement various investment attraction programs, such as meetups, a meeting between startups and investors to attract investment.

Considering this is the first Try Everything event to be held after COVID-19 was declared endemic, the opportunity to experience the technology of Seoul startups through experiential exhibition booths will be provided, and participatory programs for university students and prospective entrepreneurs will be expanded so that the general public can enjoy participating as well.

Applications will be accepted on the official Try Everything website until August 8 for the offline exhibition and September 11 for the online exhibition.

For a regular meetup, you can apply on the Try Everything website ( ) or through Startup Plus, the city’s integrated platform for entrepreneurship. Companies that want to hold a 1:1 meetup with domestic and foreign investors can apply on the Try Everything website from August 1 to 25.

Kim Tae-kyun, head of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Economic Policy Office, said, “Try Everything, which marks its 5th anniversary this year, focuses on investment attraction as startups are having difficulties due to the global economic slowdown. Furthermore, the culture of entrepreneurship will be widely shared through experiential programs in which the general public, such as prospective entrepreneurs and university students, can participate.”