As 5G and IoT start to incur data explosions, telcos are using data management platforms to help customers monetize that data.

Telecommunication companies (telcos) across are among the largest aggregators of data in the region, and this will continue as 5G-powered applications start to blossom into mainstream use.

However, Asia telcos are continually challenged by the intricate process of managing and monetizing that data effectively. How did four firms overcome this hurdle?

By employing a data management platform that can be used on any cloud platform and which offers analytics, machine learning (ML) and AI tools, the following telcos have gain a holistic view of their customers, improved network performance and driven innovation.

  1. Improving 5G services with real-time customer data analysis: LG Uplus built a Network Real-time Analysis Platform (NRAP) on a data management platform to collect and analyze over several hundred terabytes of network-related data from its wireless (LTE/5G) and wired (Home/Business) services in real time. With NRAP, LG Uplus can automatically analyze any 5G customer experience service lapses and quickly identify the root cause to rectify the problem in a timely manner.  
  2. Adopting enterprise-wide AI to enhance the customer experience: Using a data platform and its data science tools, Robi Axiata Limited built an effective data lake to deliver more personalized services. The move enabled Robi’s data science teams to develop and tune machine learning models using nearly 20TB of accurate data on a daily basis in order to improve business outcomes and eliminate operational challenges.  
  3. Creating a single source of truth to support enterprise-wide data-driven decision making: Faced with a deluge of data due to consumers’ increased reliance on their mobile phones, Telkomsel first deployed a cloud data platform in 2015 to store and secure its massive amount of data cost-effectively. Over the years, the firm proceeded to integrate data from various departments, such that it now has a single source of truth providing valuable customer and network insights that drive improvements to the customer experience. 
  4. Achieving data democratization with AI-based self-service analytics to drive insights-based decision making: PT XL Axiata Tbk relies on an AI-based self-service conversational tool powered by a data management platform, to democratize data and make decisions based on insights. Users can ask the tool business-related questions (such as revenue, number of customers, usage and consumption) in English and get the insights they need within five to 60 seconds.

The cloud-agnostic data management platform and the various data science tools are from Cloudera.