Here is how one Taiwanese e-commerce platform adopted AI and automation to thrive despite the global pandemic.

Established over 10 years ago, Taiwanese e-commerce fashion platform EF Shop has been constantly searching for ways to facilitate customer engagement and provide a more intuitive shopping experience for its customers.

Since 2019, the platform had worked with an AI-based marketing personalization cloud to meet and even exceed what shoppers may need and want. This required three business challenges to be overcome:

  1. Building an effective multichannel engagement approach to manage engagement on all channels, including website, social media, and email.
  2. Improving its recommendation engine to improve promotion of an ever-growing range of products to shoppers.
  3. Introducing more refined personalization to cater to customers’ evolving needs in terms of both products and content.

Through a partnership with Appier, EF Shop leveraged AI technology to address the above challenges.

  • In Phase 1, web engagement was improved through automating multichannel marketing, resulting in quadrupling subscription rates and 3.6x the active subscriber count of the industry benchmark.
  • In Phase 2, their recommendation engines were enhanced with AI at each touchpoint and each stage of the customer journey to increase the probability and accelerate the speed of a transaction.
  • In Phase 3, five advanced AI algorithms were used to improve personalization of product recommendations by three times, in terms of adding or improving cross-selling capabilities; accurate predictions of customer needs and wants; and providing maximum value. The advanced algorithms also increase product visibility by displaying more comprehensive content to customers.

The digitalization also improved how EF Shop managed its increasing inventories more effectively, particularly during the global pandemic.

Grace Yang, the firm’s Marketing Director, said that the digital transformation had fundamentally transformed how the platform engages with customers and improved the level of personalization. “From automation to advanced hybrid algorithm recommendation, Appier’s solution has empowered us to offer more accurate product recommendations for onsite visitors and boost revenue growth efficiently. We look forward to continuing the partnership to bring a better shopping experience for our customers.”