Despite challenges with legacy systems, the firm still managed to win an industry award for excellence. Imagine what DX will unleash!

A water utility provider in Australia has undergone what considers a landmark digital transformation (DX) in order to ensure that its services meet the demands of a digitally-connected world where customers expect 24/7 easy functionality with real-time transaction capabilities at their fingertips.

Riverina Water has announced it is spearheading the creation of a new customer-centric enterprise software platform to meet customer expectations and improve integration with asset management and financial systems, including financials and supply management; billing management and integrated planning, budgeting, forecasting and financial consolidation, business intelligence and analytics.

This multi-disciplinary platform will allow the water utility to overcome current challenges with legacy systems to improve control over costs and also future-proof IT investments to enhance service delivery to more than 76,000 customers across four local government areas in southern NSW.

Riverina Water & Infor Go-Live Team on Launch Day

According to its CEO Andrew Crakanthorp: “Riverina Water has built a strong foundation as one of the best local water utilities in NSW, with a commitment to providing safe and reliable drinking water to our growing region. To (have been) recognized with the Sam Samra Award is the highest honor and highlights the important steps we have taken in recent years to achieve our goals, backed by the development and implementation of strategy and long-term planning.”

Crakanthorp added that the digital transformation is expected to help the organization deliver better outcomes for internal and external stakeholders, and help drive it to becoming a more customer-centric utility service provider.

According to Jarrod Kinchington, Vice President and Managing Director, Infor Australia/New Zealand, Infor, the technology partner for the project, Riverina Water’s digital transformation to the Cloud contains “all the key ingredients to address rapidly-evolving customer expectations in a highly-digitalized world.”