One trend forecast has identified eight influential shopper profiles that may shape this year’s market and business trends.

Using a proprietary methodology across 250 industry experts to identify change signals and evaluate, verify and forecast trends, WGSN has released a yearly report on Asia’s shopper profiles that will affect brands and marketers in 2022.

Predicting a shift in focus on frictionless commerce and a further pursuit of tech-enabled lifestyles while still deepening their connection with local culture, the report offers a glimpse of what the firm thinks consumers of different profiles will behave today.

The key Asia shopper profiles to watch for 2022:

  • Digital streamliners: These digital shoppers may have begun their online journeys due to necessity, and are committed to digital-first lifestyles amid the hyper-connected landscape of the regional market. This shift is driving new expectations around frictionless commerce, anywhere and anytime.
  • Social explorers: These shoppers are looking for hyper-personal and interactive brand experiences online, and purchase decisions are driven by new trends, peer groups and micro-influencers.
  • Ultra-value seekers: While these ‘affordability seekers’ recognize the need to plan for unexpected downturns, the prolonged impact of the pandemic is driving them to search for value whenever possible.
  • The self-rewarders: This optimistic cohort is adopting savvy digital shopping habits to afford premium purchases and treat themselves after years of uncertainty.
  • Joyful escapists: A growing number of shoppers in the Asia Pacific region are looking to escape from daily pressures and are turning to the alternative realities of anime, which is driving influences for novel products and experiences in their real life.
  • The creative class: The recent boom in craft and DIY has paved the way for the experience-focused consumer who is looking for creative engagement, artisanal connections and who values unique ‘in real life’ experiences.
  • Change makers: A growing cohort of younger shoppers in Asia are socially conscious, well-informed with more progressive values and they strive for the greater good. They expect retailers to combine purpose and profit in engaging and creative ways.
  • Luxury reflectors: Wealthier shoppers in the region are embracing introspection and moments of pause, and are expecting brands to act as value creators and to support culturally relevant production.

Said the firm’s Senior Strategist for APAC, Athena Chen: “While Asian shoppers will continue to shape the future of retail as they actively embrace digital payments and omnichannel retail, brands must engage authentically with and fuel the creativity of Asia Pacific youth as they try new things and take inspiration from different styles and genres.”