Microsoft’s third annual Work Trend Index report “Will AI Fix Work?” outlines three trends from a study of 31,000 people in 31 countries.

According to the 2023 study, data reveals that APAC business leaders believe AI will boost productivity rather than cut headcount.

The report also shares key insights for regional business leaders as they look to understand and responsibly adopt AI at scale for their organizations: 

  1. Digital debt is costing us innovation: We are all carrying digital debt. The volume of data, emails, and chats has outpaced our ability to process everything. 72% of employees in APAC (global: 64%) say they do not have enough time and energy to get work done, while 74% (global: 68%) agree they do not have sufficient uninterrupted focus during their workday.
  2. There’s a new AI-employee alliance: Despite job loss fears driven by an uptick in AI adoption across various sectors, leaders are keen to empower employees with AI rather than replace them. While more than half (58%) of employees in APAC are worried AI will replace their jobs, even more (78%) would delegate as much work as possible to AI to lessen their workload. Globally, these percentages are 49% and 70% respectively.
Will AI Fix Work?
  1. Every employee needs AI aptitude: Every employee, not just AI experts, will need new core competencies in AI to thrive in a new dimension of work. 85% of leaders in APAC (global: 82%) anticipate employees will need new skills in the AI era.

However, 71% of APAC employees indicate that they don’t currently have the right capabilities to get their work done. There is an obviously gaping skills gap to be bridged for the future workplace, the future worker, and the future of work.

Advanced generative AI tools such as Microsoft 365 Copilot aims to provide the security, control, integration and intelligent assistance that workers need to be productive and creative in their daily work.

Check out this animated infographic for the key findings from Microsoft’s “Will AI Fix Work” Work Trend Index 2023.