The real-time fraud decisioning platform reduces customer-experience (CX) friction while boosting transaction approval rates and reducing false declines

To minimize e-commerce fraud and reduce customer friction, a global e-commerce platform for sneakers and apparel is relying on a fully automated approach to fraud management that delivers real-time, accurate decisions to increase approval rates and drive revenue.

According to KICKS CREW, relying on rigid rules and manual reviews to approve online orders means that many legitimate customers are declined—for being either “high-risk” or new to the site. As a brand that operates in multiple markets, constantly customizing rules for local market nuances can be complex. According to some researchers, merchants can lose up to 75x more revenue from false declines than to fraud, and people who have been rejected usually do not retry purchases.

By turning to a digital commerce platform that focuses on maximizing genuine customer experience and lifetime value through precise fraud decisioning, KICKS CREW is able to assess customer trustworthiness within an average of 400 milliseconds and increase its approval rate to 97%.

Additionally, the firm confirms it is benefiting from the digital commerce trust platform’s dedicated customer success team that constantly evaluates customer profiles and tunes decisioning algorithms. Said its co-founder and COO Ross Yip: “Forter has allowed us to focus on meeting the global demand for our products while creating a seamless customer experience. The fully automated solution and ‘white-glove’ service (helps us to) continue growing our business with peace of mind knowing we’re welcoming all legitimate customers while preventing fraud.”

Liron Damri, President and co-founder, Forter, noted: “KICKS CREW recognized that, in order to scale and be truly accessible to their global customer base, they needed to create a seamless customer experience for current and future demand… to maximize their revenue and make smarter fraud decisions. We are honored to be their provider of choice as they continue to grow around the world.”