Is 5G the game changer ushering a new generation of enterprise and consumer applications? New study reveals Asian businesses’ attitudes towards 5G hype vs reality.

5G continues to make headway in Asia, with telecom players in various stages of their trials for both consumers and businesses. The recent launch of the iPhone 12 and other 5G-ready devices has also sparked further interest in the capabilities of 5G and how it unlocks a next-generation mobile experience.

The imminent roll-out of 5G is set to be a $704 million game changer for telcos here, but what about the value it will bring to businesses?

According to a new survey by Ciena, business sentiments are largely positive – with 31% of businesses in Asia optimistic about the value 5G will bring and seeing 5G as critical for digitalization.

Interestingly, businesses highlighted how 5G will have significant benefits for business use cases, more so than consumer applications. The results underscore how organizations in Asia, despite the hype, recognize the real impact of 5G on enterprise applications.

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