6 benefits of a modern secure digital workspace

Overcome digital workplace challenges with simplicity, scalability, speed, security, savings and performance.

6 benefits of a modern secure digital workspace

Centralizing data, applications, and desktops and providing employees with secure remote access is the key to delivering digital workspaces. This approach facilitates collaboration and productivity among employees, while enabling organizations to operate and expand in new ways.

However, some organizations have not yet deployed a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) due to challenges posed by complex infrastructure requirements. Additionally, VDI projects in the past have often taken longer than expected to deliver organizations the improved productivity and business agility they were seeking.

On the other hand, a completely cloud-based desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) still has all the challenges of any public cloud service, including access security control issues, authentication limitations, and system performance.

Clearly, a new approach to delivering a virtual application and desktop platform is necessary.

A combination of a virtual applications and desktop cloud services, integrated with hyperconverged infrastructure, makes it easier for organizations to realize the productivity and business agility they seek.

Check out the details of this approach, and the 6 benefits it brings to an organization.

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