WUXI, China, May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On April 29, Meili Ancient Town was quite bustling. Dong Yun, the major account manager of State Grid Wuxi Xinwu District Power Supply Company, was busy checking the line equipment to prepare for the upcoming May Day tourism boom. On the same day, State Grid Wuxi Power Supply Company made a comprehensive inspection of the power facilities in Meili Ancient Town, including distribution lines, transformers, switchgear, etc., to find and eliminate potential failures promptly.

In recent years, with the conceptual upgrading of tourism consumption, ancient town tours, peripheral tours, short-distance tours and other forms of tourism are highly sought after. Meili Ancient Town is one of them. Mei Village, known as Meili in ancient times, has more than 3,300 years of history. It enjoys the reputation of “the famous town with great morality” and “the first ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River”. Because of its outstanding development and great model effect, Meili Ancient Town was selected as the second batch of “Jiangsu Province Model Pedestrian Streets” last year. With an average annual passenger flow of 18 million people and 333 merchants, it has a profound cultural heritage and high commercial value. Here, the “food circle” of intangible cultural heritage snacks, time-honoured Chinese brands and brand restaurants featured cultural and creative products, and restaurants, together with experience activities and accommodations, meet the needs of citizens and tourists.

To stimulate the consumption potential of cultural, business and tourism, enhance the consumption environment of Meili Ancient Town, and promote the high-quality development of Wuxi tourism, Wuxi Power Supply Company brings into play its profession and works with government departments to jointly create an “all-electric scenic spot”, build photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, photovoltaic smart street lamps, new energy vehicle charging pile, and incorporate the electricity consumption data of the whole ancient town into the energy analysis and management platform. According to weather conditions, load characteristics and other factors, the Company dynamically adjusts the energy consumption strategy, optimises the energy structure, reduces the overall energy consumption, and promotes the local consumption of new energy.

With the support of high-quality green power, today’s Meili Ancient Town is even more vibrant. In the future, Wuxi Power Supply Company will further optimize the regional energy analysis and management system to help Meili Ancient Town achieve high-quality development in business and tourism integration, consumption upgrading and regional characteristic culture with more reliable power.