By extending the firm’s Asia-Pacific presence, Bridgewater looks to deepen its commitment to clients in the region and around the world

SINGAPORE, Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bridgewater Associates (“Bridgewater”), a global leader in institutional portfolio management, today announced that it has opened an office in Singapore. Highlighting the importance of the pan-Asia market, Bridgewater’s new office is both symbolic of its deep commitment to the region and a natural progression of the firm’s long-standing partnership with clients in the area.

“The world has increased in complexity and, in turn, so have the challenges our clients are facing,” said Kyle Delaney, President and Chief Commercial Officer of Bridgewater. “Our Singapore office has been many years in the making and allows us not only seek to provide best-in-class partnership to our clients in the region, but also to our global client base that will benefit from our deep understanding of this important market as a result of our presence here.”

The new office will be overseen by Chip Packard, Head of Client Service for Eurasia, and Margaret Wang, Head of Bridgewater Associates (Singapore), who will manage the buildout and on-ground operations. The team will include a combination of experienced local hires and long-tenured employees from the firm’s U.S. headquarters, including members from its research and client service departments.

Packard added: “Our exceptional team will enable us to bring the best of Bridgewater to the region while immersing ourselves more deeply in the region. This permanent presence will further strengthen our client relationships while also allowing us to explore new opportunities in a growing market.”

Building on relationships that span nearly 30 years in the Asia-Pacific area, Bridgewater’s Singapore office is the firm’s latest geographic expansion in the region, which initially began with the opening of its Beijing office in 2011, followed by establishing operations in 2016 for Bridgewater (China) Investment Management (“BCIM”) in Shanghai. Bridgewater recently received approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore for its fund management license.

The new office is in Singapore’s central business district.

About Bridgewater Associates

Bridgewater Associates is a global leader in institutional portfolio management and the world’s largest hedge fund. Focused on understanding how the world’s markets and economies work by having the deepest possible understanding of the global economy and financial markets, the firm translates that understanding into expertly constructed portfolios and meaningful relationships with institutional clients. Having built a track record of success for more than 45 years, Bridgewater’s excellence is grounded in its distinct culture, which brings together great people and enables them to operate in a culture of radical truth and radical transparency. In recognition of the firm’s commitment to excellence, its clients and the magnitude of its impact on the investment industry, Bridgewater has received more than 70 industry awards in the past 10 years including recognitions for innovation, performance, quality of research, client satisfaction and being a top place to work. Fortune named it the fifth most important private company in the US.

Based in Westport, Connecticut, Bridgewater manages approximately $150 billion in assets for the world’s largest and most sophisticated institutional investors, including public and corporate pension funds, university endowments, charitable foundations, supranational agencies, foreign governments, and central banks. For more information, please visit

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