TAIYUAN, China, Sept. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, Jineng Clean Energy Technology Ltd. (“Jinergy”) launched the Jinergy Design Series of All-black Modules: the single-sided power generation module JNMM120 and the bifacial power generation module JNHM120. The products continue to use the edge technologies of PERC and N-type heterojunction (HTJ) cell modules. On this basis, it has added black design to the customization service, in which lightweight, high-pressure resistance and other specific properties can also be equipped. The small size of the products makes the application scenarios flexible and changeable, more suitable for the landscape projects such as villa roof, landscape enclosure and urban ground carport that have requirements for aesthetics. The all-black module would bring extraordinary installation experience to the high-end distributed module application market, for it boasts both outstanding appearance and excellent power generation performance.

Aesthetic driven

The design of traditional distributed module attaches the most importance to LCOE and efficiency. But in practical application, the overall aesthetics of residential roof and landscape project must be taken into account. Especially in European and other economically developed overseas markets, the “aesthetics” of the project can’t be ignored. Besides generation of green and clean energy, the PV modules also have certain property of building materials in distributed module application, and it needs to be coordinated and matched with the whole building in order to truly impress end users of the distributed module and guide users to complete more proactive installation actions, so as to increase the utilization rate of green, clean and independent low-carbon energy system supply.

Jinergy’s all-black modules are designed to meet those needs. These products adopt all-black integrated design, with black backsheet, black bus bar, black frame and black encapsulant material. Due to the high-grade aesthetic degree different from conventional modules, these products are more favored by customers with high aesthetic requirements.

Attribute of low carbon

So far, Jinergy has shipped nearly 300MW modules to the European market. Our whole series of PERC products have obtained the “French CFP” certification, and fully entered the French market. And Jinergy have taken this opportunity to gradually develop European customers.

“This time, we purchased the Jinergy JNMM120-375 all-black modules, totaling 3.19MW, which will be used for our 3kW household distributed system products. Because the local customers in France pay special attention to the appearance of the products, both the aesthetic degree and the performance of Jinergy all-black products are in line with their requirements”, said Vicky Cohen, the customer who concluded the first transaction of the all-black module.

Carbon footprint optimization has long been embedded in our product design. The whole series of our HJT products are based on N-type cell technology, and the technological processes are simplified and optimized, endowing all these products with natural low-carbon property. Based on customers’ actual application requirements, Jinergy has been adhering to high standards and high requirements. While ensuring high-efficiency and reliable product quality, Jinergy also place emphasis on the low carbon property in the full life cycle to provide efficient and reliable, long-term and stable products with more green value for terminal customers.

Jinergy releases product application value from multiple dimensions, strives to make constant improvements, focuses on advanced HJT technology to constantly expand differentiated module solutions, and pays continuous attention to the low carbon attributes of products. The diversification of Jinergy all-black modules would facilitate the expansion of its application scope in the distributed module filed. Jinergy will constantly improve the product ecosystem to provide quality products that better cater to user needs.