BOSTON, Oct. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the fifth Biopharma Developer Innovation Conference (BDIC) & 2023 bioSeedin Annual Meeting was successfully held in Shanghai, China. This conference was hosted by bioSeedin and co-organized by ACROBiosystems (SZ.301080) to promote technical exchanges and facilitate cooperation negotiations within China’s pharmaceutical industry. It also serves as an invaluable platform for global biopharmaceutical companies seeking to establish partnerships within the Chinese market.

Under the theme “Gathering Momentum for Innovation,” the conference placed an emphasis on the cutting edge of biopharmaceutical technology and the emerging trends within industry transactions. During this two-day event, 1 main forum and 15 sub-forums provided more than 100 reports on multiple topics and over 10 panels to discuss the issues and challenges that the industry is most concerned with. Leading experts, visionary entrepreneurs, and accomplished researchers from Roche, Sanofi, Kexing Biopharm, BeiGene, Haihe Pharma, Henlius, Duality Biologics, and others were invited to delve into breakthroughs and innovations in current biopharmaceutical technology, as well as strategies to navigate industry challenges and surmount obstacles. Besides reports and panels, BDIC also organized near 400 on-site one-to-one meetings to assist conference participants to find potential business partners. This event attracted around 3000 onsite visits.

The main forum, and the opening ceremony of the two-day BDIC conference, was moderated by Lily Zhang, the founding/managing partner of TTM Capital. The forum featured enlightening two speeches, one titled ‘Principles and techniques of cell reprogramming’ delivered by Duanqing Pei, a chair professor from College of Life Sciences at WestLake University, and the other one themed “‘Discovery and preparation of small molecule drugs’ and ‘Development trends of innovative drugs and synthetic biology'” by Dawei Ma, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Two stimulating panel discussions were led by industry luminaries: Ruiping Dong, CEO of Haihe Biopharma, and Mingde Xia, founder/chairman/CEO of Innolake Biopharm.

In the panel ‘Early to Mid-Stage Biotechs: Creating Partnerships to Enhance Program Value’, 4 biotech company CEOs, John Gong, chairman/CEO of 3D Medicines, Jingsong Wang, founder/chairman/CEO of Harbour BioMed, Zhenhai Shen, CEO of NewBay Pharma and Steve Shen, CEO of Convalife Pharmaceuticals, made a thought-provoking discussion on strategies and issues to consider when Chinese pharmaceutical companies build global partnership with MNC and large pharma.

The other informative panel ‘BioPharma Summit Focuses on Key Issues, Collaborating for Development’ gathered leaders from companies of different types and sizes to brainstorm possible solutions and share their expertise in countering challenges. Lianshan Zhang, deputy general manager/global R&D president of Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceuticals, spoke on how to discover the optimal market positioning and grow into new areas. Jason Zhu, CEO/President of Henlius, highlighted the importance of distinct goods and risk management while commercializing biosimilars and innovative drugs in different regions and markets. Mike Chen, founder/chairman/CEO of ACROBiosystems, emphasized a multinational strategy with a focus on regional supply networks. Haiqing Hua, vice president of R&D of Duality Biologics, talked about the broad commercial potential of ADCs in cancer therapy and autoimmune diseases.

An award ceremony interspersed in the main forum witnessed bioSeedin’s gratitude and recognition. Many supporters and partners, as well as outstanding companies in the industry, were honored. Jenny Zhao, CEO of bioSeedin, stated that bioSeedin has always kept up with the biopharmaceutical industry’s development trend and recently developed an antibody licensing platform in the hopes of assisting more enterprises in obtaining finance, collaboration, and licensing-out.

Following the main forum, in the remaining day and a half, the event transitioned into 15 sub-forums. Over 100 distinguished speakers from prominent companies such as Jemincare, CStone Pharmaceuticals, OriCell Therapeutics, Gluetacs Therapeutics, and more, gave insightful speeches and engaged in lively discussions on hot topics including ‘ADC drugs,’ ‘CGT R&D,’ ‘Bioanalysis,’ ‘Innovative drug delivery,’ ‘Clinical registration and declaration,’ ‘License-out and product differentiation,’ and ‘Cooperation and investment.’ Attendees praised the conference as “fruitful,” “insightful,” and “providing fertile ground for valuable partnerships.”

“This is the fifth BDIC conference. In these five years, we have witnessed the continuous growth and development of Chinese pharmaceutical companies in the global environment. In recent years, the biopharmaceutical industry has faced a market downturn, yet within this challenging environment lie immense opportunities,” remarked Jenny Zhao, the CEO of bioSeedin.

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