HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Aug. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —This year, several investors have been captivated by QBig Invest by a strong impression for its service. With appropriate legal license, fast withdrawal methods, 24/7 support from customer service as well as reasonable transaction fees, QBig has taken the trading experience to the next level.

QBig Invest is known as a stock brokerage firm which has been in the financial industry for a while. Over the past few years of operation, QBig Invest has brought up distinct impression to a number of market participants. Looking from a general perspective, QBig Invest shows its strength in the following aspects:

Account types

On its website, QBig Invest offers 4 types of available accounts, including a demo and three live accounts.

QBig Invest introduces 3 types of main account which are Standard Fixed, Standard Variable and Raw Zero VIP in an ascending priority. Depending on the account type, the respective fees a.k.a spreads would be vary.

It is worth noting that the broker also provides a demo account based on a similar trading platform to that of live market, though trading activities would be done via virtual currency. Initial amount for trial is preset up to 100,000 USD, which is a considerably great deal of cybercash for first-timers to develop their skills. This type of account is completely free, any users can simply log in to use.

Trial over the three types of live account indicates that the user experience was pretty much in line with any description provided on its site. Standard Fixed account would be the best bit for those who are new to the market with minimal capital and just want to give it a shot. Meanwhile, Standard Variable account is readily to max up ones’ profit and increase winning trades for anyone who are already familiar to the market for some times with adequate capital and a clear strategy to follow. As for experienced investors having excess funds with specific risk management and strict trading system, a VIP account can be their best choice for returns optimization. All told, one important thing to take note is that high risk almost certainly comes along with high rewards.

Offering of investments

QBig Invest is comparative to the average brokerage platforms in that it offers a full suite of multiple assets which are commonly in demand e.g. forex, stock, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrency CFDs. These are the typical old-school proxy instruments which most investors find it manageable to formulate their strategies on while engaging with familiar markets. Traders can enjoy various leverage size for specific categories:

  • Up to 1:20 for stocks
  • Up to 1:400 for currency pairs
  • Up to 1:100 for commodities

Trading leverage on QBig Invest is lower compared to some other brokers such as Exness (unlimited leverage), yet this is an edge for inexperienced investors. Lower leverage means lesser risk of losing money when ones’ trades slip or something misses expectations. It is strongly recommended once again that the leverage should not be applied by those with insufficient fundamental understanding as well as limited awareness of risk & reward mechanics.

Trading platform

Fans of MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and WebTrader can find a confluence of platforms on QBig Invest. When it comes to MT4, which is a familiar trading platform for many international market participants, assets trading has never been easier. If you are totally new to this kind of interface, don’t worry, bundles of tutorial information are broadly shared all over the internet.

On the other hand, WebTrader is a web-based integrated platform on QBig Invest. Direct access is available without the need of download like MT4. This platform, however, offers less charting tools, which is incomparable to the full range functions on MT4. At the end of the day, investors feel rather comfortable with MT4 in terms of safety.


Deposit and withdrawal service is a matter of concern for many investors during their participation. Part of the reasons is that there are chatters about instances where clients experienced fund restriction and balance monetization from the suspected fraudulent brokers. On the other part, deposit and withdrawal unavailability has been reported at QBig Invest. We have also made an attempt on its service to get the real cash in and out at QBig.

In terms of deposit, QBig Invest offers a variety of transaction methods via credit/debit cards, e-wallets or internet banking for domestic services. This is a fast and simple process with just a few steps. When it comes to withdrawal, time requirement is extended to a certain range depending on the amount of funds requested for liquidation. Withdrawal implementation might be prolonged comparing to deposit, though both are executable. In conclusion, offshore headquarter results in the delay of deposit and withdrawal transactions.

Support and consultancy

QBig Invest users may find plenty of positive comments about their support and consultancy service thanks to a lineup of devoted and dedicated staffs. This customer service is offered 24/5, however, weekend calls are still openly accepted for temporary memo and rescheduled on the next working day.

The broker’s assistant team are seemingly well-trained and there is even a selected group of experienced advisors who are experts in the industry. Service quality from these higher class mentors may require more time for assessment, though the junior consultants connected with us did offer clear-sighted suggestions. In particular, they provide free training classes of financial investment and raise warnings over the risk of trading without proper insight. This should be considered a plus for QBig Invest.

About QBig Invest

Per investigational reports, QBig Invest is a UK-based brokerage, regulated by BVI FSC – the Financial Services Commission of the United Kingdom, which is a trusted financial institution. Having a long record of service in major financial markets, i.e. US, Europe, among the others, the platform has lived up to its expected appeal thanks to a low-cost and decent support policy. Despite of that, procedures related to deposit and withdrawal has been noted on certain occasions. Read on for a glance of how trading turns out to be on QBig Invest.

The platforms and support services at QBig Invest have a factor of consistency. But it should be noted that due to the offshore operation, slow deposit and withdrawal is expected, which is inconvenient yet tolerable experience for some users. Nevertheless, our one-day-trading tour ended up with a decent trial over the remaining services. To have a good sleep at night with your decision means you have to do your homework and prudent research on the targeted platform and be well-aware of your financial goals. All told, no pain no gain, great effort would be rewarded with desirable success whether it comes to broker choice or making financial investment.