With democratized, secure access to rich data, the organization is now empowered to personalize its offerings in an agile, intelligent manner.

To meet the needs of its customers and offer innovative products and services, global insurer Sumitomo Life Insurance Company has built a foundation for data analysis in the cloud, thereby evolving to a new environment where data extracted from various systems can be stored both on-premises and effectively in the Cloud.

In this digital transformation, the insurer can offer more personalized products that meet the needs of more customers in areas focusing on nursing care, medical insurance and retirement planning. 

According to the firm’s General Manager (Information System Department) Masakazu Ohta: “With the trust from our customers as the starting point of all our activities, Sumitomo Life is providing optimal life insurance services to every person through the sound management of the insurance business. As a new approach, it was necessary to build a common foundation for big data management.”

For this critical data analytics project, the firm chose the ‘data fabric’ solution from Talend as the hub of its data infrastructure. This solution is so named as it weaves all the elements of data into a cohesive solution to manage data across the organization and to integrate them into a ‘data lake’. As a common pool of clean, usable data, this data lake makes valuable information accessible across the company for insightful, agile business decisions.

Said Kenji Tsunoda, Country Manager, Talend (Japan): “The insurance market is one of the most competitive sectors. By facing tight regulations and complex customer needs, companies must be at the forefront of innovation to offer even more services and new products to its customers. We helped Sumitomo Life reinvent its data-driven infrastructure to provide a data management platform that enables the development of advanced products for its customers. We are delighted to support Sumitomo Life in the pursuit of their vision.”