Data siloes, reduced productivity and scalability were factors impeding NRMA’s growth, but adopting a data management cloud worked wonders.

In order to enhance customer engagement across multiple lines of business such as roadside assistance, travel, tourism and lifestyle services, Australia’s largest member-owned organization, National Roads and Motorists’ Association (NRMA), has transitioned its database to an AI-powered cloud platform.

In serving its 2.77m members, the NRMA had more than 3,000 data sets and over a decade-old on-premises technology architecture that had been hindering the organization’s business growth, resulting in unnecessary complexity, reduced productivity and low data agility.

The organization’s Senior Data Manager, Technology, Vamsi Krishna Dhalli, had noted: “Focusing on customer experience and product innovation is is important in our member-owned organization to create meaningful experiences for our members. Our data across business units used to be siloed and fragmented… but now… we are better connected with our data to better serve our customers with personalized value. Adopting a low-code/no-code approach in our integration environment enabled us to scale, innovate and remain agile to meet market demand, while automation has helped free up our IT resources for higher-value tasks.”

Since implementing a new cloud-based, AI-powered data management system, the organization’s transition to a single data strategy and single data platform has resulted in a 10-fold improvement in user productivity, and data ingestion and data transformation load times have been reduced by 60%, leading to quicker insights and decision making. 

Data siloes have been removed due to the data management platform’s self-service functions, and data access has been democratized across the organization for key IT and business users. Instead of requiring days to deliver high-quality, reliable data, users in the organization now take only minutes to support marketing campaign launches and generate trusted data to enhance the customer experience.

Said Richard Scott, Group Vice President, Informatica (Asia Pacific), the vendor of the data management platform: “Data needs to be unlocked to drive the trust and connection with customers,” noting how fit-for-business data can be leveraged “to create better member experiences.”