Not only has a charity organization made claiming tax deductions painless and immediate — its digital terminals boost appeal to the tech-savvy.

In an example of technological thinking, a non-profit organization has used a digitally innovative way to canvass donations from the public to meet a goal of S$50,000 for its needy patients.

For its annual Flag Day event in July this year, the Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF) of Singapore introduced over 50 cutting-edge “donation terminals” that were made available alongside traditional donation tins.

In its bid to meet the evolving preferences of donors — particularly tech-savvy people — the KDF’s “donation terminals” are hand-held electronic gadgets that offer a secure payment engine and innovative integration to the country’s Singpass national identity authentication system. Donors can effortlessly submit their particulars via Singpass QR code scanning and receive tax deduction benefits after their donation to KDF.

These “GivePlease” terminals, created by a Singapore-based fintech firm, are supposed to provide a seamless, convenient, and secure donation experience for donors. Whether donors choose the convenience of using the traditional donation tins or donation terminals for pledging money to the KDF, every contribution counts and creates a significant impact on the lives of those affected by kidney disease. Volunteers manning the terminals will be on hand to reassure potential donors of the authenticity of the Singpass authentication procedure.

The GivePlease donation terminal makes donations and tax deduction claims processes easier

According to Raymond Lim, General Manager, KDF: “The introduction of GivePlease donation terminals during Flag Day signifies our unwavering commitment to innovation and exploring new avenues for fundraising. This initiative reflects our commitment to embrace innovation and cater to the evolving preferences of our supporters. By blending technology with tradition, we are transforming the way people donate and ensuring that every contribution makes a meaningful difference in the lives of kidney patients.”

Funds raised will go into providing underprivileged kidney patients with treatments, medication, transport, and holistic care, as well as support the Foundation’s outreach efforts to increase awareness of kidney health.