Agreements delivered via WhatsApp are signed nearly 7x faster than those sent via email.

Consumers worldwide increasingly rely on their mobile devices for both personal and business communication. Notably, more than eight in ten smartphone users prefer messaging over email and open rates for mobile messages are more than four times of emails

As customer habits shift, speed and convenience are more important than ever before. Businesses have to look for modern, flexible solutions that expedite transactions and give customers choice in how they want to receive information and sign contracts.

That’s why DocuSign recently launched WhatsApp Delivery, allowing users to close deals faster by using the world’s most popular messaging platform

The latest expansion in DocuSign’s multi-channel delivery strategy that allows customers to seamlessly reach signers through their preferred communication platforms, the DocuSign eSignature integration of WhatsApp sends users real-time notifications that link directly to agreements and enable quick, secure signing.

In response to customer’s evolving needs and preferences, DocuSign had launched SMS Delivery earlier this year. However, outside of SMS lies many third-party messaging apps that are heavily used by the modern consumer. According to Meltwater and We Are Social Digital 2023 Global Overview Report, WhatsApp is the most used social media platform in Singapore, with 83.2% of those aged 16 to 64 utilising it. 

Mexican cuisine specialist Guzman y Gomez is among the early adopters of WhatsApp Delivery in Singapore, starting from the product’s beta testing phase. Since doubling their footprint in Singapore, the company has increased the number of lease agreements and employment contracts to about two hundred per month. 

The company welcomes the option to share these agreements via WhatsApp, and have witnessed great results during the beta testing phase.

“We truly value DocuSign’s ability to request signatures through various channels, and now, the added convenience of doing so via WhatsApp. The significant reductions on time-to-sign and ease of signing anywhere allows us to offer partners, prospective employees, and our HR team a seamless journey, improving overall satisfaction and accelerating efficiency,” Josh Bell, General Manager at Guzman y Gomez Singapore, said. 

“This is especially important for the younger generation, as they often lack the patience to deal with the snail mail of our era, which now includes emails. At Guzman y Gomez, our employees can now sign a contract as quickly as we can roll a burrito!’

Key benefits

By offering customers the option to share agreements via alternate modalities, DocuSign is able to dramatically accelerate the speed of transactions, enabling signers to quickly open and electronically sign documents wherever they are. For instance, more than 50% of agreements delivered via WhatsApp are completed in 15 minutes or less.

Key benefits of WhatsApp Delivery include:

    • Increased Transaction Speed: Users can deliver real-time notifications to signer’s mobile devices with a direct link to complete a document. Agreements delivered via WhatsApp are processed nearly 7x faster than those sent via email.
    • Expanded Reach: The addition of WhatsApp broadens the spectrum, ensuring that more than its 2 billion users in more than 180 countries can connect with nearly any signer using the mobile messaging platform.
    • Enhanced User Experience: By offering another mobile-friendly method to process agreements, users are given more choice and flexibility. Embedding alerts natively into the messaging application makes the signing process more convenient and seamless than ever.
    • Prioritised Security: DocuSign protects highly confidential information by encrypting and making every document tamper-evident. WhatsApp’s leading privacy features provide additional reliability, ensuring notifications are always delivered securely.